Dedicated Business Communication Support and Advice from CCS

August 16, 2017


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Since its beginning, CCS Ltd. has been dedicated to offering customers advice and support when it comes to business communications. Specialising as an independent B2B telecommunication and IT supplier, CCS aim to help build and manage strategies to assist your organisation’s business communication needs. Their expert team is readily available to offer you one of the best systems of managed comms in the North East.

As well as being one of the top cloud service providers and one of the leading business broadband companies in the North East, CCS Ltd. are also able to offer their clients super-fast broadband and cloud solutions throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas within the region.

Recently, CCS have taken vital steps in auto rollover contracts (ARC) advice in the North East, ensuring that local businesses do not get themselves trapped by binding contracts that make it almost impossible to break away from.

ARC’s refer to contracts that automatically roll forward without prior knowledge being given to the customer. These can only be cancelled if the customer directly informs their provider that they wish to terminate the contract. However, due to the clauses hidden away in the small print, they can be subject to termination charges, or further bind them to the contract for longer than anticipated.

In their recently published report regarding the ethical issues surrounding ARCs, CCS have estimated that companies in the North East spend around 5million being held into unwanted contractual obligations. These companies, the firm concluded, were customers who had previously expressed interest in forming business mobile contracts with CCS Ltd, but could not because of auto rollover contracts.

CCS’s mission is to reduce the amount of businesses being trapped by these unwanted contracts, which the company have deemed ‘unethical’. Businesses are caught out by common clauses, which fix them to a difficult, and often at times, expensive contracts.

They have taken extensive research to highlight a variety of contractual issues that are likely to affect companies in order to make them aware of the consequences of becoming involved with ARCs. They have also included helpful advice from their legal partner, Ward Hadaway.

Where CCS highlight issues such as, contracts being sold on when a supplier has gone bankrupt, subjective termination fees and minimum spend clauses, they do emphasize that these could be dealt with by simply reading the Terms and Conditions of a contract closely.

In a recent survey undertaken by the Money Advice Service, only 16% of people admitted to fully reading the T&C’s of a contract before signing. Through their research CCS aim to highlight the importance of understanding the small print of contracts.